Adults: $90.00 USD

Adults: $70.00 USD each

Children: $20.00 USD

Children: $15.00 USD each



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Join us in an excellent way to get to explore three tourist areas:
•Old Acápulco, where the city first took shape.
•The Golden Zone on the arc of the bay.
• The newer Diamond Zone.


NOTE FOR MONDAYS 4 & 6 HOURS TOUR: Chapel of Peace site available all week EXCEPT for Monday. However, we can do the rest of our tour schedule, as long as you don’t mind to switch instead the Chapel site, to explore in to Acápulco suburb by drive-thru the municipal indigenous harvest market. Monday tour is an alternative adventure for those who looking combine Acapulco city highlights and to discovery the vibrant and colorful hidden México.


Mon to Sun from 9:45 AM – 2:00 PM

2 Adults = $70 US EACH.
3-4 Adults = $55 US EACH.
5-6 Adults = $40 US EACH.
7-12 Adults=$35 US EACH.
CHILDREN (9-18 years old $15US)


Mon to Sun from 9:45 AM – 3:30 PM

2 Adults = $85 US EACH.
3-4 Adults = $70 US EACH.
5-6 Adults = $55 US EACH.
7-12 Adults=$50 US EACH.
CHILDREN (9-18 years old $22US)

(Reminder for tour with lunch option: do a light breakfast, our early lunch arround noon).


This extreme cliff jumping has been handed down from generation to generation. The show is quite insane and is as raw as it gets, are no nets or ropes. Wearing just a speedo bathing suit, to get to the top, the divers must scale the steep rocks up 135 feet with their bare hands using only their ability, without any basic climbing equipment or protection. Once up on the cliff, all together will be ready to jump and leaping. But it is not like jumping from a diving board pool! Once they are ready from the top of the “mountain” they taking off into the narrow ravine, where down there is only sharp rocks but the channel without the depth of a pool! Thats not all! They have to jump in exact time once the wave comes and water gets deeper. If any of you have ever seen this show on another turist destination or on tv, it has nothing-nothing about it when you see it in person.


From the patio the view is 180° overlooking Acápulco Bay and Pacific Ocean. You will be amaze with one of the most stunning of the world’s most beautiful bays! Located at the top of las Brisas, the gated community of beautiful hillside homes. Regardless of your religion, we assure you that you will be more than impressed with the stunning overlooking bay view. Definitely this place is one of those that must see when you travel. Many travelers are drawn to the highest point in Acapulco, perched high above Acapulco and marked by a massive white cross. Learn more about the amazing story behind a family dream that became true, this is a love story for sure.


If you are familiar with the actress named Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo who was performanced the movie “Frida” and Alfred Molina as Diego Rivera her husband in the film but couple married in real life, we can assure that you’ll love this mural. We are proud to have in Acapulco some of Rivera’s most famous murals. After Frida Khalo time, Diego created the outdoor huge mural as a gift for his loved girlfriend Dólores Olmedo (Lola Olmedo) Get impressed on this 3D facade wall mural located it on Dolores Olmedo’s property since 1956. This is not a fresco, is some of the most colorful and inspired mosaic work, volcanic rocks and seashells of Rivera’s long career. It features are three-dimensional pre hispanic deities, standing out in relief from the flat surface.


4) HOTEL FLAMINGOS. Walk in the same place that many Hollywood greats have walked and let’s go back in to the past where Acapulco started as international tourist destination. The hotel was owned by Johnnie “Tarzan” Weismuller and John Wayne and well known as the perfect hideaway for Hollywood’s Star’s on the glorious days of Acapulco (40’s – 70’s). Take a seat on the outdoor terrace with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean in front of you, and delight your visit with the refreshing invention of the house: the iconic drink “Coco Loco” that is offered from the bartender in a fresh natural green coconut decorated with colorful figures and tropical flowers from their fields. Trust me! One of the smoothest drinks you ever had.


5) THE MOST YUMMY TACOS FOR LUNCH EVER! (Early Lunch) Acapulco’s most delicious tacos you’ll want to try. We introduce you to this local gem serving the best regional cuisine our city has to offer: The Best Mexican Tacos in a lively atmosphere, everything is freshly made and chopped by order. This is not the hard shell versions of Taco Bell, this is the real Mexican flavor of mix of the different meats with fresh veggies which made the taco meat exceptional moist and flavorful. When your food is ready, you’ll be handed your plate of big portion with tortillas at the side for you can make your own tacos, with salsas in the middle of table for make your meal as spicey as you want. Salsas varying levels of heat: Mexican mild and American mild. VEGETARIAN OPTION IS AVAILABLE!


6) ART FOLK STORE, SILVER & MEXICAN FIRE OPALS STONE (OPTIONAL STOP) Taxco Silver Town & Acapulco’s are the oldest craft traditions date back to the pre Hispanic period. The store has all kind of Mexican art craft & jewelry shop section specializing in sterling silver from Taxco town, original, custom jewelry & art folks. The opal is the glorious gemstone that contains all the colors of the rainbow and may look like an artist palette joining all the colors together. The Aztecs had an affinity for the opal, it has the ability to glean moisture from your skin and the air so is also able to maintain its own water balance. All price ranges available.