Hidden Mexico Adventure (Fishing Village – Bread Factory & Farmers market)


This is a valuable opportunity to gives the visitor genuine contact with the real Mexico. The “authentic” Mexico which you won’t find it on turist books that just a few travelers have ever seen. Having fun in a safe way accompanied by a local expert!

For birding enthusiasts: At fishing village, a hundreds of birds (frigates, storks, white egrets) flying in all directions and is an awesome spectacle. This quieter fishing village and  lagoon are home to a wonderful diversity of bird life. 

☆The Bigger the group the Better the rate☆!

Duration:  4- 5 hours. 

Departure 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Deposit at your arrival day: $20 Usd.


Hidden Mexico Tour
From $1,520 MXN | 5 Hours | Private Option Available!

Fishing Village – Bread Factory & Farmers market experience

Rates Shared Tour:
Adult: $1,520 MXN pesos ($80 USD)
Ages 15+ | Minimum 2 Adults To Book
Child: $760 MXN pesos ($40 USD)
Ages 5-14
Infant: Free
Ages 0-4


Rates Private Tour:
1 Person Group: $2,090 MXN pesos ($110 USD)
2 People Group: $1,615 MXN pesos ($85 USD) per person
3 People Group: $1,235 MXN pesos ($65 USD) per person
4 People Group: $1,140 MXN pesos ($60 USD) per person
5 to 10 People Group: $950 MXN pesos ($50 USD) per person


The USD price is approximate, the checkout will be in MXN pesos

5 Hours


PS : I can not accept credit cards. You should need to pay me in cash (Mexican Pesos or US Dlls) please.THANK YOU!

First Stop:

 Get off the tourist trail and travel to 3 Palos fishing village. You have to get up early to see Tres Palos fish market and viilage in action. On arrival, you’ll meet the local fishermen and women at one of Acapulco’s picturesque fishing village that has a unique charm. 

Dawdle much beyond dawn and you’ll have missed it. The fishing is done in the dark hours of the morning, and around dawn the dozens of small wooden fishing boats convene on Tres Palos Lagoon to sell their catches. This is a pretty little port with many traditional fishing boats where you can see the typical boats of Acapulco and the “live”, freshly caught fish – including varieties that will attract a lot of your attention. 

There’s much to love about Acapulco’s villages, and the fresh water fishing village is one of the town’s gems.

After that, we will stop in the biggest agriculture market in Acapulco, for anyone interested in Acapulco’s vibrant market scene, a trip to Mercado central Market is a must. On this tour we’ll visit the market’s fruit, vegetable, , seafood and meat areas. Even mole, home-made pork rind and hug storage of dried chile stands.

Walk in to this farmers market and discover a wide variety of indigenous and local fresh products and special ingredients for a grand lunch or dinner. In the meat section, chop meat hangs from a ceiling hook for chickens, big pork heads and beef chop in front of you by the butchers with a freshly sharpened knife.

From there to a family bread factory at La venta town, this town is famous for sweet bread, you can feel welcome at this factory  while you’ll see the proces of hand made sweet bread. This traditional bread oven is a chamber enclosed by a round refractory of adobe material, where the locals go for all kind of bread “pan dulce”, people often name pastries after things they resemble: Concha (shell), Cuerno (horns), Canasta (basket), tornillo (screw), is there at least 50 different things to choose from.

This same family also provides service delivery at the neighborhoods and local restaurants. Get a taste of freshly baked bread from wood fired bread. You can get a taste of all type o steamy bread that you ca eat.  A must for bread lovers!