Pozole & Latino Party – Dinner & Live band music show (5:00 PM -8:00PM) THURSDAY night

Duration: 3- 4 hours.

Departure 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Deposit at your arrival day: $20 Usd. (balance at end of the tour).


Pozole & Latino Party
From $855 MXN | 4 Hours | Private Option Available!

Dinner & Live band music show

Rates Shared Tour:
Adult: $855 MXN pesos ($45 USD)
Ages 15+ | Minimum 2 Adults To Book
Child: $475 MXN pesos ($25 USD)
Ages 5-14
Infant: Free
Ages 0-4


Rates Private Tour:
1 Person Group: $1,235 MXN pesos ($65 USD)
2 People Group: $950 MXN pesos ($50 USD) per person
3 People Group: $855 MXN pesos ($45 USD) per person
4 People Group: $760 MXN pesos ($40 USD) per person
5 to 10 People Group: $665 MXN pesos ($35 USD) per person


The USD price is approximate, the checkout will be in MXN pesos

4 Hours


You will be introduce to vibrancy atmosphere party ambience with live band latin music playing along this celebration.

The fiesta explodes with color, music and dance on the indoor stage. It is an excuse for the locals to get out of work Thurs. and break up the week as long as so many of them work too on Fridays! 

What is a Pozole soup? Pozole hot soup is served in a terracatta bowl of stew/soup that is to die for. (look at my site for pictures of this activity) It takes all day to make mixing with herbs and spices that go into it. The basic of it is hominy which is like huge corn kernals….You get your choice of shredded pork or chicken. Could be green, white color pozole or mix.

What about those broths, white or green color? The broth is naturally clear in color, and if you ask for green pozole punking seed is added that get the color. It comes at the side

with an assortment of condiments, avocado piece, dried oregeno, cheese, radish, chicherrone, chrispy pork rine, green stuffed pepper, crispy taquito.

Note: If you don’t want to try pozole soup there is wide variety of Mexican food or veggie option a la carte menu.



*- DINNER (Pozole soup)  Plus 1 Bucket beer or 1 Margarita per each.



Domestic drinks and food  are available at this local restaurant, if you want to order more are by separate.

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