City Tour (Option A) Standard Tour with Optional Lunch.

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I’am willing to use for you my skills using my talent, ability, experience and expertise to enhance your Acapulco experience.  
Enjoy a 4 hours personalized excursion on one of the most in-demand acapulco´s top tourist attractions excursion. This provides the perfect introduction to first-time visitors. Your tour begins with hotel or cruise ship port pickup.


* Tickets for Cliff divers show.
* Professional tour guide assistance.
*Purified cold water & local beer.
* Stop for lunch (meals and drinks are by separate)
Acapulco City – Standard Tour
From $1,607 MXN | 4 Hours | Private Option Available!

Rates Shared Tour:
Adult: $1,607 MXN pesos ($73 USD)
Ages 15+ | Minimum 2 Adults To Book
Child: $760 MXN pesos ($40 USD)
Ages 5-14
Infant: Free
Ages 0-4


1 Person: $2,420 MXN pesos ($110 USD)

2 People: $1,760 MXN pesos ($80 USD) per person
3 People: $1,540 MXN pesos ($70 USD) per person
4 People: $1,320 MXN pesos ($60 USD) per person
5 People: $1100 MXN pesos ($50 USD) per person
6 People: $990 MXN pesos ($45 USD) per person
7 to 10 People: $880 MXN pesos ($40 USD) per person.

The USD price is approximate, the checkout will be in MXN pesos

Once accomodated comfortably in the vehicle /wagon van with air conditioning and ready for this exciting adventure, we´ll continue to explore to the 3 main areas and each site listed next page on the right side.
You will be shown its fascinating sights.This tour will allow several stops where you’ll experience the city first hand. -Always helping you skip the lines, giving you priority entrance to everyting.
By the end of the day you´ll know Acapulco like a native- its history, customs and its traditions, places for local food,shopping and entertaintment. Be a sure this will be a memorable experience that will last you a life time! -This tour include tickets per each person for see the cliff divers show.
-This tour include tickets per each person for see the cliff divers show.

includes to explore:

– Traditional Area (the original part of town) 
– Dorado Area (the new Acapulco) 
– Diamond Area (the newest part).INCLUDES the following list:

First Stop


Chapel Of Peace. -Located at the highest point of the exclusive gated community of Las Brisas. Regardless of your religion, this non-denominational church stands 1250 ft. above sea level. This characterized by an enormous cross of 128 ft that stands beside this church and can be seen throughout Acapulco. The view from chapel rated as one of the most breathtaking panoramic bay views of the planet. The astonishing story behind and family dream became a reality. 
The World famous Cliff Divers… “One the 10 most Extreme Cliff Jumps on earth” according to World High Diving Federation (WHDF). Across the generations, whole families of divers have earned their living wowing tourists from around the world with 125 ft plunge off La Quebrada, the rock face that looms above the Mexican resort city’s Pacific coast.The water is just 6 meters deep. They will hit the water at 65 mph. 
The Diego Rivera wall mural (The House of the Winds)…. This mural is architecture and history combined, located in the traditional area of Acapulco, the property belonged to Dólores Olmedo. It is considered to be a treasure of Mexican contemporary culture. The mural technique is made of a combination of venetian tiles, volcanic rocks and seashells. One of the mural it features the two Pre-hispanic gods of Mexico, the Aztec god Quetzalcóatl, “Feathered Snake” and the other the Mayan God Kukul- Kan  “Feathered Serpent”. You can actually feel the history that still lives in this home and studio. 
The Flamingo Hotel… Let’s go back to the start of tourism industry in Acapulco. Back in the 50’S and visit the old hide-out of the famous movie stars of the time. Located on top of Acapulco’s highest cliffs, 450 feet high, with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.The hotel’s bar is famous for its creation of the “Coco loco” drink wich is renowned all over the world. Johnny Weissmuller and John Wayne welcomed a stream of Hollywood jet-setters 50s to 80s. Well known as “the Hollywood ‘gang’ hideaway”.
Mexican Art Folk & Souvenier store.(OPTIONAL STOP). Acapulco well known for great shops, there are some bargains and unique Mexican handicrafts, t-shirts, pottery and traditional Mexican clothing to be found and made by Mexican artists which are very popular with both locals and tourists.The largest collection of unique handcrafted silver sterling jewelry at affordable cost. Sterling silver is the standard for high quality silver jewelry, being over 90% pure silver mixed with alloys to add strength and durability. The metal will not wear down. Sterling silver is 92.5% (925 parts) of pure silver and 7.5% (75 parts) alloy metal.