Deep Sea Fishing


Deep Sea Fishing Tour….


Fishing is still the most popular Sport in Acapulco’ You will depart early in the morning for the ‘big catch’ and return in the early afternoon. Every detail will be taken care for you: Your boat will be fully equipped and reserved with the top of the line, ‘Pep International’. The experienced English speaking crew will provide the right bait to catch the most wanted: Stripped Black and Blue Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, Sword fish, Mahi-Mahi or others varieties of game fish abundant in the Pacific waters of this region. – I will be in touch with your Captain, so I will know exactly when you are returning for your transport back to the hotel and you can concentrate on fishing!


# *Enjoy the best fishing experience*


## Rates Private Tour:

**1 Person Group:** $5,225 MXN pesos ($275 USD)

**2 People Group:** $3,610 MXN pesos ($190 USD) per person

**3 People Group:** $2,850 MXN pesos ($150 USD) per person

**4 People Group:** $2,470 MXN pesos ($130 USD) per person

**5 to 8 People Group:** $2,090 MXN pesos ($110 USD) per person


***The USD price is approximate, the checkout will be in MXN pesos***


## Duration


5 Hours



INCLUDED in the Tour:


  • Excellent 40 foot, GPS equipped and private boat.
  • R/T transportation.
  • Fishing licenses.
  • 2 outboard motors
  • 6 lines.
  • Bait
  • Radio CB.
  • Nice restroom for your comfort
  • A cooler of bottled icy cold purified water & local beer.
  • NOT INCLUDED in this TOUR: MEALS, but you are welcome to bring something with you if you wish.