FULL DAY TAXCO EXCURSION FROM ACAPULCO (breakfast and lunch included). Colonial town with over 500 of years of history. Optional Shopping.

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FULL DAY TAXCO EXCURSION FROM ACAPULCO (with breakfast and lunch included). Colonial town with over 500 of years of history.


Available: Monday to Friday. Departure & Return.




Departure Times: 6:30AM Departure locations:Complimentary pick-up service available from your  Acapulco hotel.


Overview: This tour offers a combination of history, authenticity in the architecture, people and streets of this country and of course shopping! 


 # *Colonial town with over 500 years of history*


## Rates Shared Tour:

**Adult:** $3,420 MXN pesos ($180 USD)

*Ages 15+ | Minimum 2 Adults To Book*

**Child:** $1,710 MXN pesos ($90 USD)

*Ages 5-14*

**Infant:** Free

*Ages 0-4*


## Rates Private Tour

**1 Person Group:** $4,465 MXN pesos ($235 USD)

**2 People Group:** $3,135 MXN pesos ($165 USD) per person

**3 to 4 People Group:** $2,375 MXN pesos ($125 USD) per person

**5 to 10 People Group:** $1,710 MXN pesos ($90 USD) per person


***The USD price is approximate, the checkout will be in MXN pesos***


## Duration

12 Hours









Why you should visit Taxco and all the multiple reasons why you will fall in love with it? Take one minute to read the description.



6:45 AM — Departure. Pickup and drop-off from most downtown Acapulco.


Your tour begins with hotel or cruise ship port pickup and starting to revelaing the contrast between the Acapulco tourist area and the country-side scenery, breathtaking scenic views and lush vegetation of Sierra madre.


8:00 AM— Delicious Mexican Breakfast at capital state Chilpancingo city. 


8:45 AM Then take a scenic drive to Taxco, which is known as the ‘silver city’ and is known as one of the Spanish colonial towns in Mexico Located high in the rugged mountains of northern Guerrero State, the colonial town was once an isolated Spanish stronghold.


10:00 AM Enjoy Taxco with its cobblestone streets, cozy squares, picturesque market places and Touring inside of one of the UNESCO-Listed colonial style churches named Santa Prisca.

Culture lovers will love the richly detailed baroque facade and soaring interior of 16th century’s church.



The old village of Taxco was, in fact, the only place in Mexico where silver was extracted, turned into beautiful precious jewelry and sold to all the shops in Mexico and all over the world.

Mexican silver, one of the best-known exports of the country, has a long and rich story which started with the Aztecs. They were the true pioneers of silver mining from the Sierra Madre Mountains.


It was not until William Spratling, an American artist, moved to Taxco in 1920, that the silversmithing, the art of working silver, was enhanced so as to become a real profession and source of income for many locals. -After 1930’s The silver jewelry out of silver started to be exported to the USA and that was the beginning of a new era for the old mining town.



2:00 PM Lunch time.The culinary offer in Taxco is huge and most of all very Mexican. You have the chance to try the Mexican special dishes.



5:30 PM Retur from Taxco to Acapulco.


8:30 PM Back to your resort.


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