SUN & FUN DAY -6 or 8 Hours Excursion to Top 3 Best Beaches in Acapulco

For your beach day tour, this tour show the top of 3 nicest Acapulco beaches where you can do yet skii, parasailing (on your expenses) swim or just relax.


-Armando my neighbor is gonna be your driver and take care of your Trasportation round trip.
-Armando is gonna find you a chair and umbrella in each site.
-While you’re swimming your driver is gonna sit with you taking care of your purse and stuff.
You can bring your own sandwiches.


NOT included:
~ Snacks and drinks from the restaurants.
~ The rent for chairs and umbrella.


Cost of the service :
1 Ppl = $67 US
2 Ppl = $40 US PER EACH
3 Ppl = $35 US PER EACH
4 Ppl = $30 US PER EACH

Departure: 8:00 AM
6-8 hours for 3 different nicest beaches.


Talk or text to me without any international charge from your mobile service provider through “WhatssApp Messenger”

1) Save my contact’s name and phone number in your phone’s address book (Be sure to save the “+” and number in full international format below):
+52 1 74 42 043032
+52 1 74 42 530183
2) Download from your mobil service provider the “WhatsApp messenger”
3) Wait for the update about 5 minutes, then open Whatssapp and go to Chats tab Icon > Refresh “whatsapp” > THEN LET’S START TO CHAT!


Sebastián Hernández Ricardo