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A little about me… my name is: Sebastian Hernandez Ricardo


I have lived in Acapulco my entire life and currently live here with my wife and children.


I became a English speaking independent tour guide and been so for the past 21 years. I graduated in business administration focused in Tourism (Facultad de Turismo de Acapulco). 


I specialize in helping to make your visit an authentic holiday experience with a cultural flavor that will provide memories to last a lifetime.


Your short but sweet stay in Acapulco will be enhanced through the use of my skills, knowledge, ability, experience and expertise.

I have for you a wide variety of tours available on this web site. If you’d like help picking the right tour(s) for you, we’re only an email away. Just send me your requirements and I will suggest the best time or best day to help avoid crowds, staying with your schedule wishes best I can.


We aim to insure your satisfaction!


Sebastian Hernandez Ricardo.


PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO MAIN SIGHTS OF ACAPULCO IN JUST A FEW HOURS. I’am willing to use for you my skills using my talent, ability, experience and expertise to enhance your Acapulco experience.


THIS IS THE PERFECT BLEND TO INTRODUCTION FOR HISTORICAL SIGHTS OF ACAPULCO, FOR ENJOY GOOD FOOD AND TO HELP BABY SEA TURTLES TO SURVIVE. Duration: 6 HOURS. Your tour begins with hotel or cruise ship port pick up. This is the second of the most in demand Acapulco’s excursions.

NEW!! The MOST recently archaeological site and ball court discovered in Mexico: TEHUACALCO. Duration: 4-5 hours 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.(1 hour north of Acapulco). INCLUDE ON THIS TOUR:

*Round trip transportation

UNDISCOVERED ACAPULCO! This is a valuable opportunity to gives the visitor genuine contact with the real Mexico. The “authentic” Mexico which you won’t find it on turist books that just a few travelers have ever seen.

You will be introduce to vibrancy atmosphere party ambience with live band latin music playing along this celebration. The fiesta explodes with color, music and dance on the indoor stage. It is an excuse for the locals to get out of work Thurs. and break up.


An unforgettable evening Lucha Libre Adventure. Having Fun in a safe way accompanied by a local expert! Get a taste of the real Mexico and experience life exactly like locals do and get the full Mexican experience. Luchadors are so.